Expert Window and Door Installation You Can Count On!

Replacement window and door installation by an experienced installer who uses proper installation methods are keys to ensuring that your new windows and doors perform as expected. Finding the right window replacement contractor is just as important as choosing the best replacement windows.

Improper installation can cause major problems with your new purchase, so don’t leave this important step to an inexperienced company using inferior installation methods. The last thing you want is unwanted air coming into your home, or moisture infiltrating the wall of your home and cause damage to the framing and drywall. So choose wisely when you’re having replacement window and door installation done.

The most widely known and trusted certification for window installers is InstallationMasters™ founded by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Pinnacle Windows only uses InstallationMasters™ Certified Installers, ensuring that your replacement windows and doors are installed with the most stringent guidelines and installation practices in the building industry.

The Benefits of Professional Door Installation

Installing a door incorrectly can raise your heating and cooling costs. Poor door installation can cause your doors to not be sealed properly, which can let unwanted air into your home. Make sure your investment in a new replacement door is installed by an experienced installer!

Choose a Reputable Window Installation Company

Although replacing windows is a relatively easy process, installing windows incorrectly can lead to  problems like air leaka and loss of energy efficiency. Some windows come with an installation warranty, which may become void if you install the window wrong or don’t use a professional window installer.  Make sure your investment in new replacement windows are installed by an experienced installer!

We are an Accredited Member of the BBB, and also hold numerous certifications for proper installation methods and practices.

You can rest assured that your replacement window and door installation will be performed properly and to your satisfaction!

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