Insurance Claims

Make sure all of your storm damage is identified and fixed with a Free Insurance Assessment for your Denver area home.

An insurance assessment after damage from hail, wind, rain or tornado is crucial to ensure that you get all the money you’re entitled to. Most of the time your roofing contractor or insurance adjustor is inexperienced at identifying window and door damage and will miss significant issues. Our expert accessors have decades of window and door experience. Our assessment may be critical to finding serious damage even if you’ve had other assessments completed.

Hurry! You generally only have 1 year from your date of loss to complete all work!

Our Full-Service Approach

We have over 20 years of window experience, sell over 25 lines of windows, and can handle everything from the initial assessment, insurance claim process, product selection, and expert installation.  Let Pinnacle handle it for you!

Our Insurance Team

Insurance companies never properly pay for windows and doors. For that reason, Pinnacle employs a team of insurance claim writers, insurance process specialists, on-site appraisers, and in-house counsel. Let our team help you get more windows approved!

Our Relationships

We are a large volume buyer and have great relationships with all major window manufacturers.  Our relationships give us access to nearly every window and door product line, better pricing, and a higher level of warranty service.  We can effectively and quickly handle claims on nearly any vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or wood-clad product.

Overhead and Profit For You

If you act as General Contractor, having Pinnacle on the job can help you qualify for an overhead and profit payment since our work generally involves 1-3 additional trades.

The Window and Door Insurance Claim Experts!

Why take on the burden of filing and fighting for an insurance claim on your own?

Let our team of window, insurance, and legal experts manage the entire claim process for you!

The Pinnacle Windows & Restoration team has decades of experience in the window industry, construction field, and the insurance claim process that we bring to your claim. We have helped Denver area homeowners and contractors file and negotiate thousands of insurance claims. We can help facilitate the necessary steps to ensure your insurance claim is handled effectively and professionally.

Insurance Assessment Customer Service is our Top Priority!

We have dedicated sales representatives, insurance claim specialists, production/project managers and automated systems throughout the organization designed to keep things moving and you informed throughout the process!

As part of Our Free Insurance Assessment You Will Receive:

An Expert Insurance Assessment

Pinnacle Windows & Restoration window and door experts will thoroughly assess all damage to the interior and exterior of your home.

A Professional Report

Pinnacle Windows & Restoration will create a professional report, with supporting documentation and photos, detailing the damage to your home and what work will be required to repair the damage. This report is not only informative to you but is a critical key for communicating and proving damage to your insurer.

Insurance Negotiating

We can manage the entire insurance claim process for you! Our insurance claim specialists, sales representative, and in-house legal team can file, negotiate and settle your insurance claim on your behalf. Even if you have already started the claim process, let our team and resources get you to a better, faster resolution.

Download our Insurance Assessments brochure for more info.

There are 3 primary aspects to the Insurance Claims process as it relates to windows and installation:

Initial Assessment

To begin, Pinnacle’s experienced scheduler will contact each homeowner to discuss the reason we have been asked to complete an assessment, what to expect during the assessment, and answer any questions. After setting the assessment appointment, we will follow-up with an email reiterating the appointment details and providing some written documentation of the process.

In the case of a loss to a condo/apartment complex, we may start our interaction with homeowners at an HOA meeting to discuss the project, the status of the insurance claim, and introduce key Pinnacle staff.

At the scheduled appointment time, Pinnacle will send its experienced assessor to inspect ALL windows and doors on the property. The assessor will evaluate all damage on the property and assess whether repair or replacement is the best option to return the property to a pre-damage condition. The goal of this process is to determine the full scope of the damage and determine what options are available.

Insurance Claim Process

Upon completion of our assessment we will create a detailed report to submit to the insurance carrier. We will include substantiation of our damage findings, a basis for our recommendation between repair or replacement, details of the scope for the project (including materials needed, services required, and pricing), and photos of the property damage. Upon submission, we will contact the insurance carrier to confirm receipt of the report.

Where we have been asked to negotiate directly with the insurance carrier, we will contact the carrier every 3-5 days to answer questions, provide additional information, and advocate for proper payment of the claim. The goal of this process is to provide you with a comprehensive report on the damage found at the property, our recommendations on how to return the property to a pre-damage condition, and (where requested) use our decades of expertise to get the insurer to properly pay the window portion of the claim.


Pinnacle understands that this is our most direct opportunity to provide excellent customer care. Our highly trained, Installation Masters® professional installers have been given the authority to do whatever it takes so that every homeowner is happy with the result of the project. Furthermore, our installers have a specially developed phone app to provide daily detailed reports of their work, any issues, and pictures.

In addition, at the end of each installation our Production Manager contacts each homeowner to make sure the homeowner is 100% satisfied and obtains a completion certificate. The goal of this process is to make sure information about the install process flows readily and that homeowners feel like they have received top-notch service.

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