Our Insurance Process

Trust our comprehensive Insurance Process to ensure you get everything you’re entitled to under your policy.

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Contact your Pinnacle Windows Expert to discuss your Claim status and timeline.​

Schedule an Initial Assessment

Schedule an appointment where your Pinnacle Window Expert will perform a full site evaluation. During this evaluation, your expert will assess the damage to your windows, take detailed photos and notes, then compile a professional report that will be submitted to your insurance company.

We Will Be Your Advocate

After submitting our report, we become your liaison, working closely with your insurance to best advocate for you. We will ensure that your insurance pays the necessary funds to get your home back to a pre-storm condition.

Waiting For Approval

Working with insurance can be a long road. You must understand Insurance agents are juggling hundreds of claims at a time. For these reasons it can take anywhere from 4-12 months to get bids approved. Be patient and remember, Pinnacle is doing everything they can to move the process forward.


Pinnacle will often discover more damage to your windows than your insurance adjuster upon their initial assessment. We are experts after all and have a keen eye for window damage. During a re-inspection Pinnacle will walk your insurance adjuster through the damage found and speak to the specifics with-in our quote.

Potential Appraisal

In the event your insurance and/or Pinnacle fail to agree on the actual cash value, amount of loss, or cost of repair or replacement, either party can make a written demand for appraisal. During this time, our appraiser and the insurance carrier's appraiser will estimate the damage and try to come to an agreement on the amount of loss.

Funds Approved

Once insurance approves our bid, a contract can be written and signed, Pinnacle will finalize all measurements, collect a 50% deposit, then order your windows. The windows will take roughly 6-8 weeks to be manufactured, remain patient, the finish line is in sight.


Once we have material ETA’s our office will schedule your installation. A crew of skilled window installers will then come out to remove and replace all the damaged windows in your house.

Final Walk-Through, Completion, Follow Up

Your damaged windows have been replaced and your home is now back to a pre-storm condition. We know you’ll be happy with the end result!

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